dimanche 3 octobre 2010


This is the n°0 of the Danish Rocky at The Pharaons Rally... just some pictures of the verifications in the Pyramid Resort Cairo... in Cairo... Jes met his team mates in Mecasystem and also the top riders like the chiliean Chaleco Lopez and a lot of the organisation people who will looks after him on the start, CP, refueling... to give him a hand if he needs.

At lunch today, Jaime Prohens from Chile and Gerard Farres, the water carrier of Chaleco, help him to understand the road book. Everybody try to give him some advices to be sure that he will enjoy the rally.

He drinks a lot (water), sleep well, don't eat too much and even supports the 36°C! He's ready to start tomorrow from the Pyramids!
Keep in touch tomorrow night for new pictures!

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