jeudi 7 octobre 2010


Well friends, today no action picture of Jes... I was on the second dune around the km 13 and he never passed there! I was waiting and waiting... all the buddies were coming and no Jes. I was so worry that I call the Satellite tel number of the PC course and asked my friend Ives from TDCom who's controling the Iritrack to check what was happen to him. Yves told me that he was riding... I never saw him today but he was at the bivouac! Ouf! That was his mistake of the day... navigation! He followed the bering 260 and forgot to change to 280 and was going the wrong way with the Guatemaltec, Francisco Arrendo. Another lesson. But he still going well and finished 20th.

In two words, the Special was hard but he really enjoy the dunes.

For his punishment to scared me... here's the picture of a Sexy Jes when at the bivouac!
Cheers everybody. I'll keep you posted then.

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